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compañía flamenca Antonio andrade


12/06 · 20:00

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22/05 · 20:00

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22/05 · 20:00



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Introduction at the beginning 
Interview with Ursula Moreno, Antonio Andrade and José Galvañ at the end.
We will live stream of complete show in two parts.

  1. Bulería 
  2. Tientos/ Tangos 
  3. Abandolao/ Malagueña
  4. Soleá por Bulería 
  5. Ballada
  6. Bulería "Manuela"
BREAK (10 min.)

  1. Soleá 
  2. Fandango
  3. Zambra
  4. Romera 
  5. Zorongo 
  6. Bulería

our compagny

Compañía Flamenca Antonio Andrade 

Musicians and Dancers 
Antonio Andrade
Úrsula Moreno
José Galvañ 
J. L. Garcia Bravo "Cheito"

Rafael Ramirez

J.L. Vidal "Lebri" 

Monica Carrión 

Soledad Rodriguez 

Jessi Zuñiga 

Rocío Lopez "Boterita" 


Rocío Cabrera

Fran Moya

Marta Cañizarez 

Mariche Lopez 

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