29th of May 2021,
8:00 p.m. (GMT+1)

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In his long worldwide career as a successful flamenco-guitar-player Antonio Andrade wrote countless flamenco-productions, mainly for dancing. With his “Antonio Andrade Duo” he presents the great diversity of flamenco-guitars and shows their intonation in all its incomparable beauty. Inviting several other guitar-artists to his “Antonio Andrade Duo”-project, he is creating a special two-tone-sound out of his own repertoire as well as out of parts of the great creations of Paco de Lucia and Sabicas. With his traditional and very personal style of playing his guitar, Antonio Andrade reaches his audience where Flamenco sits, directly in their hearts.The listeners will feel the incredible summer heat of Andalucia, will walk through the alleys of its beautiful white villages, will feel the pain and joy of its native people, who have created this incomparable kind of music and culture through the centuries out of their very own expression of life.
"With a single guitar, one can reach heaven, with two You can reach the universe”

Antonio Andrade & Miguel Sotelo

Antonio Andrade 

Antonio Andrade was born in La Puebla de Cazalla near Sevilla, one of the andalucian villages full of tradition regarding flamenco-singing. Together with his brother Javier Andrade, who is accompanying him until today as a manager, they produced one successful production after another, like "Mi Andalucia", “Viva Sevilla”, ”Flamenco es mi vida" or "Mi Carmen Flamenca". He produced "Homage to Carmen", performance which premiered at the Reales Alcázares of Seville, under the direction of Cristina Hoyos and the conductor John Axel Roth. Together with Úrsula Moreno and Javier Andrade he founded “Compañía Flamenca Antonio Andrade” and created new tendencies in Flamenco in great productions named “Noches de Amor”, “Vaya con Dios”, “Bailando al Cante”, “Mi Carmen Flamenco “, “Lluvia de Tierra”, “Flamenco Suite” and “Torera”. 
He is co-founder of the first Flamenco Theater of the world - Teatro Flamenco Madrid. 

Miguel Sotelo

Miguel Sotelo .... 

YouTube Channel of Teatro Flamenco Málaga

Live Streaming from Málaga (Spain)

29th of May 2021, 
8:00 p.m. (GMT+1)

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