Arabic Music meets Flamenco

is a breathtaking collaboration that seamlessly intertwines the rich traditions of Arabic music, Flamenco, and the vibrant rhythms of Andalusian Verdiales folklore. This unique fusion brings together a renowned Flamenco company, an Arabic ensemble, and a group of skilled performers dedicated to preserving the authentic essence of Verdiales, creating a mesmerizing experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

Throughout the performance, the artists showcase their mastery of their respective art forms while seamlessly integrating elements from each tradition. The exchange between musicians, dancers, and the various ensembles serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of Arabic, Flamenco, and Andalusian cultures, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

Is not merely a performance; it is a celebration of cultural diversity, a testament to the beauty that arises when different traditions come together. Through this collaboration, the audience is invited to witness the harmonious convergence of Arabic, Flamenco, and Andalusian Verdiales, transcending borders and fostering a deeper appreciation for the shared musical and dance heritage that unites us all.

Possible Arabic Participation – Hamid Ajbar

Hamid Ajbar was born in Chefchaouen, Morocco. He began his musical studies from a very young age, accompanying his father to the local mosque in Rabat, where they were living at the time, learning the basic rules of Quran recitation and chant. After moving back to Chaouen, he started to attend the weekly gatherings at the Sufi “Zawiyyas”, where he came into contact with the spiritual qasidas and muwashahat poems by Sufi masters Ibn Arabi, Shushtari, Harrak etc. At the age of 12 he began his studies of classical Andalusian chant and violin at the Conservatory of Chaouen, remaining there for six years. He then completed his studies in Tetouan and Rabat, graduating with maximum qualifications in the fields of Andalusian and Arab singing, violin, History of Andalusian Music and Repertoire, and the Arab and Andalusian Modes. He won the National prize for Andalusian chant on several occasions. After completing his studies in Rabat, Hamid Ajbar became a teacher of Higher Level music at the Conservatory of Chaouen. He was also chosen to form part of the National Orchestra of Andalusian Music directed by Mohamed Briouel. During this period he collaborated with the Orchestra Brihi, founded by the great Abdelkrim Raïs, with Mohamed Bajadoub, Aïcha Redouane, Abdelfattah Bennis and others. In 1996 he moved to Granada, where he soon began playing with several artists from the flamenco, Arab and Ancient Music scenes. These include Paco de Lucía, José Mercé, Carmen Linares, El Lebrijano, Emilio Maya, Eduardo Paniagua, and Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Since 2015 Hamid has been performing in several countries worldwide with his two formations, Hamid Ajbar Flamenco and Jinnan Al Andalus, as well as taking part in other projects as a solo singer.


Hamid Ajbar has taken part in the following events, amongst others:
Festival Renaixent - Valencia 
Barcelona - Ciclo de Musica Antigua 
Fête de l’ Olivier - Geneva 
Mediterranean Celebration - Zurich
I Andalusian Culture Day - Zürich
Festival de Musica Antigua MAG - Granada
La Noche Blanca del Flamenco - Cordoba, Spain
Februar 2022: Día de Andalucía - Madinat Azahara, Spain
Amsterdam, Netherlands with Marmoucha Orchestra 
Fête de L’Olivier - Geneva, Switzerland
Noches de Alcazaba - Almeria
Festival Murcia Tres Culturas - Murcia
Festival Musica delle Tradizioni – Vicenza, Italy
Festival International de la Musique Andalouse – Casablanca, Morocco
Mawlid Nabawi - Le Grand Mosquée, Strasbourg 
UK Tour – Leeds, London, Nottingham
Merida Fest 2019 – Merida, Mexiko
Gala “A Tile for Seville” - Kualalumpur, Malaysia
Mediterranean Music Festival - Zurich, Bern 
Vo on the Folks - Brendola, Italy
2015 - 2016
Festival Alegría - Chaouen, Morocco 
Festival Sufi - Chaouen, Morocco
Festival de la Musique Andalouse - Almonastir, Tunisia 
Anniversary of the Great Mosque of Granada, Spain

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Possible Andalusian Folklore Participation 

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